long long long long time

10 08 2010

since i posted.  sorry about that.

i made a list of everything i want to craft in august…all 21 days left of it…

new grill cover

kitchen curtain

back bedroom shades

fix unraveling scarf

finish knit black hat

finish knit brown hat

finish felted slippers

felt cowl

tailor hub’s shirts (button downs….never tailored beyond hemming…total long shot)

hem 2 pairs of pants that are really cute and too long

un-knit silk scarf as is too long

hmm…i better get going here….will share pictures i promise….

until then here is new dog Penny….


One room done!

27 05 2010

We have one room completely done!  Our house is totally liveable, but we know the little things that aren’t done.  Things to buy, paint, install, make, paint, buy, paint, find….etc!  But the bathroom is no longer on that list!

peach, flowers, and more peach

The peach was just….peach….i did not like the peach…..

ahh, much better...

We’re off to boston this weekend and also our CSA started back up…soon I’ll be back to trying jams, chutneys, and compotes!!

how does your garden grow…

4 05 2010

with window boxes of snap dragons and marigolds

with herbs and onions in a wheelbarrow

with flowers going up the steps

but most importantly with a little bit of miami in philly...


29 04 2010

right after we closed on the house i saw this fabric online at ikea.  then it was never available and somehow i became obessesed with finding it?  i’m not sure why, but i did and finally they had it…and so i bought it….a lot of it….

why yes that is a screen-print of an oragami moose….

it’s going to become curtains for the office.  which is still covered in a fair amount of wallpaper, but that will go too…

this room...

has been a big day here as we finally got a grown-up sofa!  this has been long overdue…i mean 5 years of a crappy futon and then 5 days of this…

so not cozy...

but this is!


i/we feel so grown-up! but the dog is less than impressed….as he is not allowed on….

sad puppy...

our mini closet

27 04 2010

so the house has mini closets.  there are many theories about these closets.  not many changes of clothes back in 1899?  closet tax?  or perhaps because the overall house is only 14′ wide.  who knows?

our lovely 10" closet...

so what to do?  we stacked things.  nope a pain to get to.  shelves…yes!  but we needs hanging storage…so wait for it…


perfect!  so we hung 10″ wooden closet poles on the far right and left and viola!  all my dresses hanging.  hooks to come for purse storage and i’m sure i’ll paint the plaster too….maybe a fun bright orange?  yellow?

wet grays….

26 04 2010

out the window...

this is what i see.  gray. wet. rain. cold.  now that i am fully aware of how much it costs to heat a home, even our little row, i am completely behind the “put on a sweater” school of thought.  the weekends are going by so fast here.  and this one was jam-packed.  helped someone move. went to festival for a minute…but too hungry to wait in line for funnel cake.  ikea. lowes. pier 1. grocery store. and then bam it’s sunday!  huh?  how?  i’m actually one to like the cold wet days, as long as they are out numbered by sun.  i can sit inside and not feel guilty that i am putzing around the house.  sort of my/our new obsession.  this weekend was pictures…we hung lots of pictures.  now as anyone that may know me, when i am trying to convey my “creative vision” i am not so good with full-blown descriptions…there may be some nail holes to patch…maybe

no more blinds

we are slowly ridding ourselves of all the blinds.  i/we are not fans.  i love the crisp, clean white with the gray.  our treasures from nicaragua and mexico fit perfectly on this teeny wall.  our couch is coming this week (woo hoo!) and then this room may be close to “done”?  well the trim needs to be painted and installed in some sections.  oh and we need new rugs too.  but “done.”

crafting curtains

my crafting room/closet is still a horrible pink on three sides.  i hate it.  a lot.  this week we (he) must patch the walls.  i (he) need to paint this room.  however we did manage to get curtains hung, previously we had leaned a door up against the window.  oh we should probably hang that door too…


i love those houses that you walk by and are all the walls are filled with photos.  every inch of wall.  covered.  i could not actually live in a house like that.  ever.  but i love the idea.  here is a start of ours.  a mix of mexico, nicaragua, family, us, miami, bahamas, art, new orleans and more.  i feel it will grow.  change.  evolve.  and yes this is where many of the trial/error nail holes are hidden.  a picture moved an inch to cover one up, but when taken down…


off to frame some more.  i/we will try and be better about more updates.


19 04 2010

out with the old.....

in with the fancy, new, hidden control dishwasher!!!

please excuse the old kitchen….will be updated in about 2 years…